Literary Classics With Meg Cabot -- Featuring Heidi!

Author: Meg Cabot

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Melissa dang, I had no idea meg cabbot was so funny

Jennifer Hillier Bahaha. Was it just me, or did that doll's eyes flash a demonic red for a moment? It's too much. Too much I tell you. LOL.

Mária Jennifer: yeah, they did (:

message 4: by Shade

Shade I thought this one was creepy but couldnt stop watching xD

message 5: by Rimma

Rimma I like her book, not so much into this video, my only excuse I guess I am missing the point

message 6: by Tania

Tania is the tada dada tadada meant to be a battle cry always leaves me in tears of laughter

message 7: by Carolina (last edited Jul 20, 2012 09:32AM)

Carolina she's funny!

message 8: by Gabby

Gabby lol. Can't believe i havn't seen this before!

message 9: by Merin

Merin Lol. This is so funny.

message 10: by Rach

Rach Hahah!

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