Emma Watson in Conversation with Gloria Steinem

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Filmed at the How to: Academy on February 24th in London. Emma Watson interviews Gloria Steinem for her online book club: Our Shared Shelf.

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message 1: by Emily

Emily Vrotsos I completely reveled in this gathering of amazing women, eager to learn and connect for the good of everyone. Great job, Emma and Gloria (and the individuals who came up with some of the questions)! I'll be watching this many more times and I can't wait to see what's next.

Jeniffer Love it

Martin Felando Thanks for sharing the personal as well as global concerns. The discussion clarified a number of priorities and helped me understand what's important.

Romina Scianatico I've just watched this video and I have to take a moment to fan-girl because Emma Watson said my name (even though she pronounced it wrong but I don't even care, I'm so happy) and I'm grinning ear to ear!!!!!

Now, that's out of the way. It was so inspiring to see these two women together. I did find it interesting that they cut some things out and since I couldn't be there, I would love to see those bits. Do you think they will ever be released? It's a shame that something as important as female sexuality was removed from the final product.

Lastly, a very big thank you to everyone who worked on putting this video together and stayed up all night to do so! You're amazing! Thank you to Gloria Steinem for her time and eloquence. Thank you to Emma Watson for creating this book club and a place for feminists all over the world can interact.

Mattie Best way to spend a Tuesday morning. I am very excited to hear what she has to say about her life, feminism and her book.

Meredith This was so incredibly inspiring and captivating. Big thank you to both of these powerful, eloquent women!

Carolina Amazing interview!

message 8: by Paula

Paula Thanks for sharing this, I've been wanting to watch it! It's so inspiring and powerful.

message 9: by Mary

Mary Bronson Thank you Emma for not making me feel alone. I get angry with myself because I cry when I get angry. Now I know that it is okay. I am not sad, but angry.

Great interview!

message 10: by Simone

Simone Thanks for sharing this !!

message 11: by Nour

Nour elegant!
I found myself relating to everything she talked about, i was nodding the entire interview and thinking "yeah I too think and feel the same as this amazing woman" which made me proud, for I usually don't voice my opinions and often disencourage and belittle myself, because I grew up in a society that made me feel like I'll never be good enough because I was a woman.
Its eye opening

Charlotte Carter What a brilliant conversation, they're both so inspirational. I just wish almost that I could fell more a part of heforshe, feminist movement. Any ideas?

message 13: by [deleted user]


message 14: by Jess

Jess Bertram Humanism also has a different definition in psychology.

message 15: by Aida

Aida Well, i enjoyed the interview, i just think you could have asked better questions from the our shared shelf, those questions you asked were so general and most of their answers could be find on the internet.
It was so important for me to take more answers to so many more important questions like my own :D
Tnx emma watson for the effert, tnx gloria for your accurate answers,
Just to learn the statistics on number of woman dead due to abortion and ... has put me into a shock in a way i cannot even name those statistics on my tongue for anybody! ><
I am scared as a woman and i feel like i have to do something about it.

message 16: by Aida

Aida Lucy wrote: "In this video Emma Watson talks about a statistic in a book sex and world peace and quotes "that there are more lives lost against violence against women and sexual abuse etc. that were lost though..."

I do not thijk you can blame anything scientidically for that statistic, except for the sick behaviour some people decide to undertake! There is good in the workd and there is bad, you have the choice to be on which side! This is just sad

message 17: by Will

Will Harrison great video insightful from start to finish, Gloria's wisdom shines throughout as does Em's sincerity, both offering wonderfully poignant perspectives...There was no filler just as I expected, all of it from the heart & from their keen minds...The best interview I've seen thus far on feminism conducted between two amazing Aries women icons in this crucial movement for equality <3

message 18: by Amber

Amber Thank you, Emma and Gloria, for such an important and inspiring interview. There were so many insightful answers (and questions) about topics that are not publicly discussed nearly often enough. However, this is why I am disappointed that someone decided to edit out what was considered to be an "inappropriate" part of the discussion. Female sexuality needs to stop being swept under the rug. Learning how to love our bodies and how to share our bodies without sacrificing pleasure is such a big part of respecting ourselves and being respected within romantic and/or sexual relationships. Editing this out seems to reinforce the shame, and detract from the video. Overall though, I think this was a fantastic interview, and I know that I will be walking away with much to think about. Thank you for bringing attention to feminism, and offering alternate perspectives. Interesting and inspiring!
Best of luck with your sabbatical, and feminist journey. Im excited to learn along with you.

message 19: by Hali

Hali Really, really enjoyed watching this! Love the work that both Gloria and Emma are doing. :)

message 20: by Evelien

Evelien Nuijten great interview and completely off topic: love your blouse emma!

Clarissa Lunday This was extraoridinary. I learned so many new things that I will be posting on my blog today.

message 22: by [deleted user]

Loving it :))

Isabella What an amazing interview - they covered so many important issues, and it was enormously empowering and inspiring. I learned so much, and I think it really helped to confirm other things that I already knew but was either hesitant to acknowledge or wasn't quite sure I understood well enough to talk about. This is definitely something that you should watch more than once (which I will no doubt be doing)!

message 24: by Marina

Marina Such an amazing interview! I love that Emma shared her insecurities that she had as a child and showed that it is okay to be different :)

message 25: by Anna

Anna Aizic Greetings from east coast!
Just watched the interview with Gloria Steinem with Emma Watson. Their willingness to share and embrace own vulnerabilities was humbling reminder of shared humility, compassion and love much needed worldwide, to empower little girls to grow and to become full potential deserved!

Thanks for sharing and inspiring dear Emma Watson and Ms. Gloria Steinem!

Specifically I enjoyed Gloria Steinem mentioned of Aristotle how women are weaker. And her mention of much misunderstood
Virginia W treated as neurotic, misunderstood as a victim of horrific child abuse!

Thanks and stay well and wonderful Mothers, Sisters, Friends...

Anna Aizic

message 26: by MAO

MAO IF anybody knows where I could find the vedio transcript in english?

message 27: by Stacie

Stacie Logue Greetings from California!
So enjoyed the interview with Gloria Steinem. She is such an inspiration and has been on my radar for a long time. Thank you for the book choice & the interview to back it up. Keep up the good work!

message 28: by Amber

Amber Loved this so much! Thank you for sharing this!

message 29: by Laura

Laura Love it

Vivianna O'Meachair The interview is so empowering and I love that more and more people gets interested about feminism, for some reason I didn't knew Gloria Steinem before this book club and i'm so thankful for getting to know her, she's just amazing, and Emma Watson too, of course, I loved to see them conversating.
At the end when someone asks how to teach our sons about equality and how to explain her kid why girls and boys are on separated teams, I think Gloria's answer was great, is all about how we treat our boys, and I also think having different teams is not necessarily anti-feminism or something, there can be a lot of reasons for that, it can help boy to sort of bond and get a feel of belonginess and also, men and women have a different constitution in a genetic, physical sence, not that one is better or worst than the other, but of course there are differences, it doesn't mean boys and girls can't play together, of course they can, and in some schools they do, but i think playing in separated teams is okay too, at least that's what I think :)

Michelle Khusu I loved watching and listening to this interview. It opens up so much and makes everyone realise just how much abuse and oppression for women, and we sometimes don't even realise it! Thank you so much Emma for such a wonderful interview and the audience members asked such excellent questions. Thank you!

message 32: by Danny

Danny I am an editor of an educational publication. I want to publish a part of this interview in our magazine. Anybody knows who could give permission to use for educational purpose?

message 33: by Clara

Clara How can I get a part of this book club?
(Sorry for my bad English I'm from Germany)

message 34: by Chris

Chris I liked..:)

Magdalena Lorenzo David Attenborough said “Environmentalism is a duty, not an interest”. I feel the same about Feminism.

MeerderWörter Magdalena wrote: "David Attenborough said “Environmentalism is a duty, not an interest”. I feel the same about Feminism."

Me too. As is humanism. But never confuse the two. They have nothing in common with each other.

message 37: by Alana

Alana "If you buy shoes together, you can do politics together." I love it!

message 38: by Henry

Henry hello

message 39: by Shirley

Shirley 没想到在国内居然可以用这个软件,太棒了,我要跟上你们的脚步

message 40: by Alex

Alex hello everyone

825485373qq.Com Shirley wrote: "没想到在国内居然可以用这个软件,太棒了,我要跟上你们的脚步"

Kassandra Love It!!

message 43: by Ling

Ling 825485373qq.Com wrote: "Shirley wrote: "没想到在国内居然可以用这个软件,太棒了,我要跟上你们的脚步"


message 44: by Ling

Ling 825485373qq.Com wrote: "Shirley wrote: "没想到在国内居然可以用这个软件,太棒了,我要跟上你们的脚步"

oh i see there is a 'join' somewhere on the top,just click it

message 45: by Jule

Jule I've only just watched this interesting and inspiring interview. I feel like I've learned a lot and am walking away with much to think about. Thank you so much for sharing it!

message 46: by Thauana

Thauana Gomes Amazing!!

Dr.Jemila aldhiani Awesome

message 48: by Juliana

Juliana Atteberry Wonderful

message 49: by Damian

Damian Drossel I like it! It's very nice! Awesome!

message 50: by Damian

Damian Drossel I like it! Awesome! :)

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