Being Jamie Baker Book Tralier

Author: Kelly Oram
Book: Being Jamie Baker

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Rachel Great trailer, I can't wait to read the book.

Jennefer Looks fun!

message 3: by Penny

Penny Okay, Kelly, I'm in California right now. How can I get a copy of this book? Please let me know. I'm dying to read something fun right now!

message 4: by Kelly

Kelly Oram Hey Penny! I hope you're enjoying (enjoyed) California. I was there not that long ago too. You can find the book online at like Amazon and Barns & Noble and various other places.

Taylor I loved the trailer and the chapter, Kelly! It may be quarter after 11, but I think I will order the book right now! :)

April*procrastinator and proud* this book looks so gfun!

message 7: by Betty

Betty Love this trailer!!

Leslee Mcdonough kutylowski Great video! So upbeat and fun!!

Jessica This is the best book trailer, I watched so far

message 10: by Kimbie

Kimbie I have to say, this is a great trailer for the book!

message 11: by Arefina

Arefina Really Great Trailer!!

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