Kitchen House

Author: Kathleen Grissom
Book: The Kitchen House

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Author Kathleen Grissom gives aspiring writers some words of wisdom.

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Brenda Sorrels Loved it!

message 2: by Pam

Pam Walter I adored The Kitchen House, but read it sometime back. Will have to re-read. Right now I am reading Glory over Everything: Beyond The Kitchen House , and thoroughly enjoying it.

MICHELLE Okay, let’s start by asking "ourselves" what part of SLAVERY was suppose to be "happy or joyful". Hello??? Slavery was depressing for THE SLAVES...but yes, I'm sure there were times when marriages happened, when the times of harvest came about that celebrations happened and during those periods it seemed joyous for the slaves. I know we all want are stories to end in these "fairytales" endings, AND even though this was a fiction book , The Kitchen House isn't "Science fiction" it's HISTORICAL FICTION...slaves women were raped...slaves were killed, whipped, sold from their families, slave women were made to nurse their "Master's children". At what point in any history, from Egyptian times to now has slavery not described as "human cruelty"? You are looking at this thru 2000 century eyes not thru 1800 eyes. Of course they were A--HOLES... To say this book was anything less than 10 is ridiculous. People stop reading about slavery if you can't take the reality that things like this ACTUALLY happened to SLAVES...I don't know what you expected from a book like this, it wasn't even close to emancipation were MAYBE there could have been a better conclusion...Bravo Kathleen Grissom... I loved it and Glory over Everything: Beyond the Kitchen house

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