Where Lonely Lives

Author: Bobby Underwood

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The trailer for WHERE LONELY LIVES, the follow-up to the first Tales of the Night collection, AFTER CLOSING TIME.


horror and romance

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message 1: by Bobby

Bobby Underwood This new collection of stories will be available in early January 2016.

message 2: by Bobby (last edited Jun 14, 2016 10:03PM)

Bobby Underwood All three stories from Where Lonely Lives - City of Angels, Christmas Eve, Night Cry - are also now available in Kindle format on Amazon. Night Cry is part of a 2-fur on Kindle, in conjunction with Gypsy Summer, from the After Closing Time Collection. Night Run and Requiem, from the aforementioned trade paperback collection, also are now on Kindle.

message 3: by Bobby

Bobby Underwood "It was after midnight by a mile when I slid off the bar stool at O’Malley’s and began to walk home. O’Malley’s is an old Irish pub and though I wasn’t Irish, nor did I drink like a lot of other newspaper reporters I knew, I stopped by for a Coke nearly every evening. I liked listening to other reporters — and cops, who also frequented O’Malley’s — shoot the breeze and relate old stories that hadn’t been completely true the first time they’d been told.

O’Malley’s was just somewhere to go which made every guy sipping a beer or doing shots feel a little less alone in a city like Los Angeles. Some of them still had wives, but you could tell they were lonely. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been hanging around a bar at that hour; they’d have been finding solace in soft flesh and perfume. Maybe their wives would have been finding some solace too, and more of them would have stayed married. Most of those guys, cops and reporters alike, were working on their second or third marriage. I didn’t think they were working hard enough, but maybe that was because I didn’t have anyone to go home to." - © Bobby Underwood (City of Angels)

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