Let's revive the Golden Rule

Author: Karen Armstrong

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Magdelanye how wonderful to see this this remarkable woman is not just resting on her laurels but implementing her ideas.
She seems to have a far greater grasp of why the world is such a mess and what needs to happen if the change that we need is to be able to proceed.

Consolata Nobile Yes the Golden Rules is remarkable, I read her book call a History Of God, have not finished but with all her knowledge, in religions she misses the point Jesus the Son of God came to earth as a human to teach us as human how to have a relatioship with Jehovah God
He also free us from all ritual that existed in all religions,being a religion is intrinsic not extrinsic.John wycliffe saw a direct line of contact between men and God that did not require the services of a priest. Because Jesus is the only priest between men and God.

Consolata Nobile When i finishthe book History of God Iprobably will have more comments to give

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