A Course in What?! - 003: A Course in Miracles - Preface: What it Says

Group: ACIM: Listen, Learn and Act

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Published on Jun 5, 2014

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In this episode, I answer the one question every serious student of ACIM asks at some point on their journey of studying the Course: How can Oneness separate? In other words, if God is all there is, how can there be something other than God? I also conclude the Preface by reading and explaining its last section "What it Says."…more



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message 1: by Ramon

Ramon Mod
Here, some of the things Cynthia talks about should be clear before moving on. It has been my experience that too many just gloss over the material without gaining a sufficient understanding of the concepts covered here. Some of this is covered again, but we may want to bookmark this spot and review it again when we have reached the topics again.

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