Talking Small - a Poem by Nico Reznick

Author: Nico Reznick
Book: Gulag 101

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Talking Small
[written & performed by Nico Reznick]

The things we say to one another:
we could
to make them mean something.

I could tell you that I love you,
even though we've never
really met. You could
tell me that you're dying
and it scares you.
We could talk about the rise and fall
of injection-moulded empires,
the rise and fall of your
mother's chest, as she
took her last breath.
We could vow to behead tyrants together. We could promise
that we'd never fall victim
to that same sickness. We cou…more

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message 1: by C Z

C Z Hazard This is fantastic. One of your best, I think.

message 2: by Jason

Jason Brilliant

message 3: by Nico

Nico Reznick Jason wrote: "Brilliant"

Thank you. I think the music made it.

message 4: by Jason

Jason couldn't have been possible though without those words and your energy.

I enjoy listening to poets read their work, helps me understand how it should be read.

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