IA: Initiate

Author: John Darryl Winston

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message 1: by Taryn

Taryn Rydell How come I'm just now seeing this when I read the book months ago, and when is book 2 coming out?

message 2: by Taryn

Taryn Rydell But, nice!

Juanita Story Very nice.

message 4: by L.T.

L.T. McCray Wow! Very very cool!

message 5: by John

John Winston We're playing catch up, Taryn, but thank you as well as Juanita and L.T.

Maxine (Booklover Catlady) That intrigued me!

message 7: by John

John Winston Maxine wrote: "That intrigued me!"
Thank you, Maxine. I do try!

Marcell Johnson I really like this.

message 9: by Kyle

Kyle Knight So thats what Naz looks like. and Meri. This is cool.

message 10: by Alissa

Alissa Perry Just started reading this. It looks interesting.

message 11: by Letitgo

Letitgo This video is sweet!

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