Every Last One

Author: Anna Quindlen
Book: Every Last One

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Anna Quindlen talks about her new audiobook, Every Last One.

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message 1: by Sally (last edited Aug 20, 2010 12:29AM)

Sally Sullivan I loved the book and truly enjoyed hearing Anna Quindlen discuss her process. The book is powerful and leaves you feeling like you have lost three good friends and have then been there to hold the hand/hug/and nurture those left behind.

It is not difficult to identify with many of the junctures that Mary Beth reaches and the choices she makes if you have raised teenagers like I have. Frankly, without knowing what was going to happen, I felt that some decisions Mary Beth made, I would not have made. Could my decisions have help to avoid the horrible inevitability of what occurred? I am not sure but I found myself saying, " I don't think I would do that." I don't want to spoil the crucial turning point but as you read this book keep asking yourself, would I have done that? Would I have said that? and then after you are made aware of the tragic turning point....look back on your answers. I do know that Mary Beth is a both tragic and heroic character and when I read the last line. "It's all I know how to do now. This is my life. I am trying." it left me both sad and energized to keep trying in my life. Thank you Mary Beth and of course... Anna....again!!!

Sally Sullivan

message 2: by Cindi

Cindi I loved, loved, loved reading Every Last One! Hearing Anna Quindlen talk about writing this book makes it even more interesting. I am not one who usually partakes of audiobooks, but when I heard that Hope Davis was the narrator, I checked it out from the library. And she was as good as I thought she'd be.

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