The Summer of Jenny Wade: Book Trailer

Author: Jeffrey L. Richards

In the summer of 1979, the rural town of Ashmoore, OK has its bucolic world rattled from within by an act of unprecedented violence against seventeen-year-old Jenny Wade. In the aftermath of the attack, the town rallies together but with no immediate arrests, the small-town gossip mills quickly begin to grind the story into pulp, churning with speculation, distrust and doubt, ultimately aimed at Jenny herself.

At the same time, Brian Thompson, the fourteen-year-old brother of Jenny’s best friend…more


coming-of-age and lgbt

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message 1: by Darrell (last edited Sep 06, 2015 05:49PM)

Darrell Jim I am enjoying the book. I am relating to it, that fear of the unknown and abandoned farm houses, and the town gossip. I am taking it slow and trying to grasp the character's feelings. I definitely feel it is real, an actual happening.

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