Gayle Forman talks about music and If I Stay

Author: Gayle Forman
Book: If I Stay

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Music is a huge part of If I Stay. Author Gayle Forman talks about how the music scene of Eugene, Oregon helped shape her poignant novel on the power of love, loss and family.



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message 1: by Nelli

Nelli Juanico Your stories are really great Ms. Gayle Forman. Really great! Very inspiring and something that will surely remain on someone's mind and heart. We have the same Birthday , just want to share . Thankyou . More powers

message 2: by Jak

Jak Manson This is a very inspiring story and really makes people think. There is so much that you talk about and cover and it is amazing. Thank you for this great video and sharing such wonderful pieces of art and this spectacular experience.
Jak Manson |

message 3: by John

John Bond I was born in Eugene, Oregon so I'm excited to read this book. I don't believe any part of the culture or modern day society is what makes Eugene great. I believe it's great best of the area, and it draws better people.
John Bond |

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