Jane Slayre

Author: Sherri Browning Erwin
Book: Jane Slayre: The Literary Classic with a Blood-Sucking Twist

A clever and funny literary mash-up that rewrites Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre so that Jane is a vampire slayer and Rochester's wife is a werewolf.

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message 1: by Maria

Maria "My daughter read it in school and didn't like it, so I made Jane Eyre a vampire slayer."

Jesus Christ and all the holy people/angels/whatever up there... save us from the new generation of lazy teenagers who can only be excited by W.O.W. and whose IQ barely can compete with a peanut.


message 2: by Maria (last edited Aug 12, 2012 09:11AM)

Maria And btw: Charlotte Bronte would never have liked this. She is probably turning in her grave right now at the knowlegde about what happened to her story!

message 3: by Esther (last edited Dec 01, 2014 04:50PM)

Esther I think that people under estimate charlotte bronte i think that she would welcome the change cause jane eyre is a violent and scary book.

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