Skinnygirl Dish

Author: Bethenny Frankel
Book: The Skinnygirl Dish: Easy Recipes for Your Naturally Thin Life

Bethenny Frankel shows us how to make Faux Fries, a guilt-free recipe for indulging in a lighter, tastier version of a food we love.

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message 1: by Mindy

Mindy I love this recipe! Its Bethenny at her finnest! Such a simple was to enjoy french fries! And what I love about a lot of her recipes is there's not hard to follow instructions. She makes it simple, easy to do and gets right to the point of eating wiser! I dont even have to write this one down b/c there's no need to really measure-just remember that 4 potatoes will cover a pan, bout 1 and 1/2 tbsp to coat them all and add whatever flavors and spices you feel like eating at the time! Its a lot tastier and healthier than fried. -Ive only been following and learning her style of cooking and being healthy for a few months; but I noticed right off that since her food philosophy is the same as mine I'd have to love her food!You can have what you want, just fixed in the perfect way in the best amount for u! Its a lifestyle that takes a while for people to adapt, but I've been doing it my whole life! Im so thankful I was finally proven to be right! Thanks Bethenny for writting and sharing what I've been saying and doing forever, cause Im a thin person and people dont get how Im able to eat that pizza, chips, drink soda, and eat whatever junk food I want to and stay so little w/out hitting a gym.. They think I must have a hidden eating disorder.. Its really this easy-

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