Stephenie Meyer talks to host Andrew Freund

Author: Stephenie Meyer
Book: Twilight

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Andrew Freund interviews "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer.

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Brigitte The comparison IS extremely silly.
At least she knows that much...

Kadie D♥ O, I like this video, it's a very optimistic video!~
So there is may going to be more!!!
I would love to read about what could have happend and about what still can happen!!!! <3
So the ending isn't yet in sight.....

message 3: by Nikki (last edited Oct 18, 2012 08:31PM)

Nikki I'm going to give my input after months of hearing about this ridicule topic "Of J.K.Rowling and Stephanie Meyer comparison's. There's no long logic here,so I'll make it simple and sweet. Really whoever compares them two together are seriosuly deluded. J.K Rowling write's about wizards....Stepahnie Meyer's write's about vampires. Two different genre's,however they write for a pop culture audianece that idolizes thier creations, with that being said of course this certain topic gets brought up all the time. But their in no way compared to each other at all. To me they have borth terrffic ideas for story's that we love to read or hear about.

message 4: by Magic

Magic Next J.K. Rowling. I am doubling over with laughter.

Daniel J. Nickolas "There is no sense of trying to please people, or trying to find a story that will sell, or fit a certain demographic..."

She's not serious.

"...divine intervention I guess."

He's not serious.

message 6: by John

John Biggest shock: "I have three kids". 0.0 She's had sex!?

Justina Dear I haven't laugh this hard ever! but really, she has fans? She started the book from a dream...

P.S Bella can think?

message 8: by Anya

Anya Andrew Freund :...the next Jo Rowling..."

Stephenie Meyer (conceited laughter): "Hehehe"

Me:"That bitch!"

message 9: by [deleted user] (last edited Aug 22, 2013 05:22PM)

I strongly dislike that people despise Twilight so much as to hate the author. I'm sorry, but I really do. It's not her fault that you hate the book, that's your own decision. Stephanie is such a good person and everyone's opinions on the author is covered by their mindless hatred for Twilight that they can't see that.

message 10: by Dan

Dan If you hate Twilight and Stephenie Meyer, I invite you to join my group....

message 12: by Cillian

Cillian Jeremysepicreads wrote: "Dan wrote: "


fuck you asshole"

Well, well. What have we here.
If it's Jeremy Chenevert again!
New account (created right before yours got deleted or self-deleted?); did you decide to off yourself from GR after so many flags?
And here you are, back and--for the most part--pretending you're not the abusive, disgusting troll many GR users had to put up with on several threads.
Is this new personality working better for you? But not always, eh? Sometimes the old Jeremy floats back up to the surface like a turd.
We should start calling you Norman Bates...neither of you could ever manage to keep all your personalities in check.

Welcome back, Jeremy!

SqueeshApe360 Oh. My. freaking. Gosh.
Did they just compare her to J.K. Rowling?
Not even close.

SqueeshApe360 Yeah, at least Steph knows the comparison isn't even existent

message 15: by Cillian

Cillian Reading Rocks wrote: "Omg If what you say he real This Jeremyepicreads is a Fucking asshole!"
You should know, Jeremy.
How old are you, 12? Do you really think you can fool anyone?
Make sure you delete comments from your wall that quote you as "Jeremyepicreads" if you want to play the game better.

Also, why are you following me?

message 16: by Ellie

Ellie Ok, I didn't like the Twilight saga. I've read worse books, but I dont like it. But it's not fair for people to hate Stephenie just because they hate her book. That's just mean.

Although, I do agree there is no such thing as "the next J.K.Rowling." She's just the best.

message 17: by Rbbiefrah (last edited Jul 16, 2017 03:42PM)

Rbbiefrah These books have such a good clean fun feeling to them . Its just a high . I love the originality. I agree that her vampires are much more fun adn loveable than the dracula sterotype . These are the only books I have ever come across that I can read over and over and not get tried of

Truly like Stephanie says its much more fun if its different and original and breaks all the vampire rules .

I am convinced that in some ways this is more sublime than any other YA literature . It has an authenticity about it that belongs to a higher plane of conciuosness.

sometime speople do gete a glimpse of the astarl plane in dreams . The attention rises above the eyes instead of sinking down and we have really vivid glimpses . You who love twilight know that it is a true work of art full of love , imagination and inspiration.

Twilights hints at what can happen if humans reach their full potential. Being able to see into the future , being able to read minds being able to leap great distances and zoom at super speeds . ]

Know that if you love twilight you are one of the eagle people that the frightened but proud rabbit people jeer at . You are like the butterfly about to hatch out of the cacoon with visions of flying in you imagination . They are the crawling caterpillars with no vision and no imagination always afraid of ceasing to exist as a caterpillar .They are like rabbits in their suffocating dens to afraid to venture out while you love to soar . So just soar high and leave them far behind .

Also I like that the vampires sparkle when the sun shines on them rather than disintegrate . Its like a breathe of fresh air . It new and novel . Why do we always want to be in the same old rut ( the rut of believing that vampires must be back in their coffin before dawn or they disintegrate ) It makes sense that Stephanie’s vampires would sparkle like diamond dust because their skin is hard like a crystalline structure . They are frozen into a changeless body like ice crystals . So it makes sense that they would sparkle in the sun and that they would want to avoid being seen in the sun if they wanted to protect their identity .Another thing I like about it is that on the astral plane everything is supposed to sparkle like diamond dust and I like anything that reminds me of the astral plane because it is such a positive blissful place full of love and light

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Rbbiefrah Dan wrote: "If you hate Twilight and Stephenie Meyer, I invite you to join my group...."

Just a little friendly heads up to haters
Yes haters are free( 1st amendment) to sow negativity but they are not free from the consequences .That’s what free will is all about .So we can be rewarded for being loving and punished for being hateful . So ,yeah if they want to use their God given freewill to hate and hurt .let them Go for it and see what happens .We don’t need to hate them because they hate themselves otherwise why would they sow pain for their selves . They deserve our pity .
I was just posted by a “disliker” (and I quote) "A lot of people who dislike Twilight read it because everyone talks about it online, and they re-read it because they want to point out more things that is bad about it."... how sick is that ?

So there you have it in the words of a 1 star . These are the one stars who will have to answer to God on the judgement day for sowing negativity in our garden of appreciation. Their whole intention of reading is not to enjoy it but soley destructive criticism that they intend to come among us and post. Then they take support of the 1st amendment to escape being banned from goodreads for abuse . But the 1st amendment is powerless to protect them from reaping what they have sown or from God’s judgement at the end of their lives .

Doctor’s and scientists have also proven that those who go around picking out others faults (wither in books or real life ) attract those faults into their own minds and that those who pick out and focus on peoples virtues(wither in books or real life) attract those virtues into their minds ) They tell us “the subconscious mind can NOT distinguish the difference between reality and a vividly imagined of a virtuous or evil trait being enacted “

In the LIGHT of the above scientific proof the “people” who read TWILIGHT to “point out” more bad things about it are real losers . They then want to come to good reads and “point out” all the bad things so that it can go into the “winners” minds but the BAD THINGS sprout in the minds of the haters
The winners are the ones who CHOOSE to “point out “ the only GOOD in TWILIGHT and every one and everything because they want to ATTRACT love and good into their minds and thus repel vices. Those who focus on the bad and repeat it are sowing it in their own minds . What future prospects for happiness can they have? They are the real losers . They would do better to go away from what they hate and find something they love and focus on what they love about it . ( but not porn or explicit violence – Im talking Harry Potter – If you LOVE harry Potter focus on its virtues . Then you will be a winner . But if you focus on the “bad” in Twilight all that hate and negativity will sprout in your own mind and turn it into a hell( just a little friendly heads up ) plus you’ll have to account to God for those hearts you hurt with your hate posts on the judgement day .(God lives in every heart ! )
Find something good , love it, focus on and post about its good points and you will have a Positive and Beautiful Life here and in eternity !

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Rbbiefrah Dan wrote: "


Dan ,
I did go to your "vampire dont sparkle " site
I did enjoy the POSITIVE THINGS you shared for the enjoyment of your members showing the excellence of really spine tingling adrenaline pounding encounters with frightening vampires .

I now understand the type of sensation you find joy in and now I can enjoy and appreciate it as well . BUT I can also appreciate the
uplifting intoxicating currents of love that appear in twilight .

I can enjoy both . The fact that I read/saw twilight multiple times did not lessen my enjoyment of the terrifying pulse pounding . I just reset my mind for terror ( fight or flight ) instead of the moving uplifting tale of true love triumphing. and I enjoyed both .

You will gain nothing by cutting down Twilight . Twilight has a different emotional current in it which includes up lift and not just the primal fight or flight response that we get when we suddenly come face to face with a rattle snake .

There are a number of reasons she HAD to use vampires ( they were once human , it is symbolic of overcoming ones beastly tendencies to claim ones noble birth right as a Child of God . This such so universal struggle that all humans are engaged in and vampire wanting to win God's grace was the best fit .

It was a triumph of the INNER DIVINITY that is in all people over the INNER beast(s) that we all have to struggle with if we want y to end our prodigal wanderings on the lower planes of creation and return to our HOME of love light and bliss

But that does not mean that we can not appreciate and enjoy movies/ books that emphasize the brutal struggle entailed in fighting off monsters. This is also a universal theme . Because we have to find the strength to fight inner monsters of Lust, anger, greed and ego on the battle field of our own mind . Therefore the truly deadly vampire represent these inner devils that want to suck out positive energy and turn us into slaves of sin.

In real life this is a feirce struggle andwe have to be warroirs to win it . For this we need to appreciate and respect just how deadly and powerful these enemies are . So again There is no better icon than vampires.
I can understand how you would be conflicted between using vampires to symbolize the soul fighting to realize its divine heritage and using vampire to symbolize the inner passions( lust , anger , greed ,ego) that attack the soul attempting to love god and suck the love/life out of that soul and throw it on the scrap heap .

Im trying to get you to see how BOTH types of vampire movie/ book depictions can serve . We NEED BOTH Evil and GOOD vampires . You mission should be to promote and educate people on the benefits of books /movies encounters the EVIL vampires .

You will gain nothing by negative comments about the good vampire . You may help you cause much more by pointing out what it is you love about books/movies about the 100% DARK EVIL Vampires ( keeps you on guard , vigilant and ready to fight or flee on moments notice so your inner demons cant over power and enslave you )

I would encourage you to overcome the inner vampire of anger that is sucking your life away adjust get on with promoting the excellence of the feelng(s) that taking the the EVIL DARK A DANGEROUS SNEAKY 100%evil vampire seriously invokes i=in you and why you find those feelings helpful to you in your quest to free your soul from the clutches of these inner vampires deadly temptations that beset the path of the soul)

Dont stop promoting the respect for teh deadliness of the dark forces . Just dont waste time hating the light and hurting the hearts of those who love the light . Just enlighten lovers of the light that fear of darkness is essential if they are to avoid becoming victims of darkness .For example you could tell people a heatlth repsect for the traditional vampire is essential for keeping one ones guard aginst being a victim of satans tricks in real life "Never let your guard down NEVER NEVER NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR DARK SIDE or it will drop you like a dead brick" "To want to escape evil we have to be sacred of it "

Then you will be on the road to happiness .

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