Charlie Rose - Michael Lewis

Author: Michael Lewis
Book: The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine

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Michael Lewis, author of 'The Big Short'

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Robert Not having yet read any of Mr. Lewis's books and being unable to locate an email address for him, I'm reduced to posting my comments at the base of a Groveling Charlie Rose interview.

Fortunately, I managed to catch most of Mr. Lewis's appearance as an anchor desk guest on CNBC this past week (10/3 -- 10/7). I'm hoping that I can find space to read "Boomerang" very soon. Perhaps then I can work back on some of his other writings on the economy and wall street. So far, he appears to me to be the only spokesman/writer of such stature who has has recognized that our long term prospects for economic progress are very bleak and have at their roots social and cultural cancers, not economic programs or the lack thereof.

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