Kraken Are the New Vampires

Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Book: Shiver

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Finally, the paranormal creature that will satisfy vampire readers craving for danger and impossible love. With vague guitar strumming, animation, and index cards by Maggie Stiefvater, who writes novels about werewolves and faeries, two creatures that have failed to scratch the vampire itch.

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message 1: by Baine

Baine hahahahahah! lmao
thats funny
and i personally think werewolveds are the only way to go
... with an exception for luke
hehe :D

message 2: by Anne






Oh hell, that was funny xD ...and impossible ...and hilarious xD
But no matter how much I think 'impossible love' is cute... I'd rather stick to werewolves and yes, faeries!

Cheryl That was classic!! Loved it!

Alex (Booksy Daisy) Hahaha! Loved the Titanic love theme for the Kraken/Teen Girl romance.

message 5: by Anita

Anita Metodieva :D :D :D God,THAT was funny! You can really make people laugh! Thank you. I`ll be happy all night long.

Angela note to Ms. Stiefvater: I am adding your books to my Must Read list, just because of this video -- YOU CRACK ME UP!! This was hysterical!! Love the dramatic music :-)

BlackxCanary awwww this was so cute!! ~~♥^_^♥~~

Oddity I was laughing harder than I should be for a video about squid books.

message 9: by Gabby

Gabby I'm not feeling the magic. -_- Werewolves all the way! Not the kind that are weird half-man half-creature things. You know, the humans that turn into wolves. Not on a full moon. Whenever they want to. Wanna read a werewolf book worth reading that isn't just a repeat of some other lame book? I reccomend the Nightshade trilogy by Andea Cremer.

message 10: by Jami

Jami I really liked the flute playing "My Heart Will Go On." This woman is so crazy. That's why I buy all her books.

message 11: by Turtle

Turtle I love Maggie Stiefvater! She's so crazy and awesome!

message 12: by Robin

Robin King I love this! Thank you, Maggie, for making a vampire, werewolf, and now Kraken lover, SMILE. Well done, well done.

message 13: by Abby

Abby aww this made me smile

Joe_saltears Hmm, giant squid with tentacles have a huge porn potential, I grant you, but YA?! Might be refreshing.

message 15: by Janneke

Janneke Kraken are the new vampires.....
I think I like the werewolves more... :D

message 16: by Peter

Peter I was kraken up or was that just a chuckle (ohhh that's gonna hurt).

When is the release date for this hentai epic?

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