Author: Seth Grahame-Smith
Book: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

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Mikayla_ rofl

message 2: by Reva

Reva wow that is so surreal!!! i am reading that book now but still at the beginning!

Ryan13 Half way through this book right now. It's....interesting.

message 4: by Thets

Thets whoa. nice

Andrez okay...this was awkward.and fake.and stupid. *goes get the book*

message 6: by Tonie

Tonie I like the trailer. So cheesy. LOL!

Natalie need a full length film!

message 8: by Joyzi

Joyzi kewl

message 9: by Cindy

Cindy This book was freaking awesome!! I am hoping it is made into a real movie!

message 10: by Portia

Portia S I'm 63% through the book and lolll this trailer IS cheesy :P I like it, tee hee.

message 11: by Edward

Edward Medina Like the trailer in all it's campy glory. But the movie... treat that like the real thing, add a dose of Ken Burns and hire Liam Neeson... then you'll have a winner. I loved this book. It deserves a movie.

message 12: by Annika

Annika Good casting for Abe...but a dumb trailer.

message 13: by Mary

Mary agreed. Needs a full-length film.

message 14: by Lindsay

Lindsay Mead Mary wrote: "agreed. Needs a full-length film."
It is going to be one. I saw the trailer during the previews at the theater a week or so back. You should look it up on YouTube, it looks awesome!

Antiquus "agreed. Needs a full-length film"
I really hope that the movie will do justice to the book and may God help their talents and time not to butcher it in one big blow! May all the important details wont be cut off, and that towards the last minute of this movie may they be able to preserve the dignity of the story by not giving it a lousy ending.

message 16: by Katie

Katie ah! thats so cheesey! But in a good way. Cant wait for the movie!

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