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So far my favorite books are Angel of Mercy and Angel of Hope because they are both really interesting and realistic. Also, I have always wanted to go to Africa so I like how you used a real organization in the book!

Katelyn Gebhart FINALLY I know how to contact you!!! You probably don't know who I am, but I am a young writer, and my Mom told me you are my Couysin, Or Aunt Or some type of relative! I would REALLY like to be like you some day, up there with the greats, sorry for not typing about my favorite book, I think I really like, hmmm... Angel of Mercy! I have some sites, where maybe, if you're not to busy being the awesome you, you could check my books out =) On, I am KoolKat89
On, I am KtGeb<3 (there may be an underscore between Kt and Geb<3), and on! I am smileyfacesrule%30. Please, if ypou aren';t to busy, and if you even SEE this comment, please read a book! I would prefer bookemon, but it's really you choice, if your first choice is to even look, cause I would understand if you don't! Geesh why would I look at an 11 year olds books! Well, I just wanted to let you know I'm related to you, Yvonne is my Mother, and Eric McDaniel is her brother, just so you know! Maybe, you can think back to one of them.

Love You!
Katie Gebhart

Hailen :) i love your book the year oluminous love and chasing dreams

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