Goodreads: Sarah Addison Allen Answers Your Questions

Author: Sarah Addison Allen
Book: First Frost

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message 1: by Amy

Amy I must have subconsciously been able to tell that Evanelle was your favorite character since she is my favorite character too! :D Nice video, Sarah!

Marianne I was so sad when I couldn't make it to a book signing last week. But this video made up for it! So nice to see and hear you talking about your books! Thank you!

message 3: by Clara (last edited Feb 16, 2015 05:43PM)

Clara  Baker Baldwin This is the first time I stopped to watch one of the author videos. Thank you! I read Garden Spells in 2008 and want to re-read it so I can refresh myself on Evanelle's role.
I'm also hoping for another book as Bay grows up more! :)

Barbara Great video Sarah. I loved the questions and the answered. I also love Evanelle and would love to have her as a friend. Thanks for all you do for us!!!

Brenda Now I'm hoping for a prequel that will tell Lorelei's story! And maybe grandma Mary's too :)

Starla Thank you for sharing with us. I adore Evanelle! You write characters that become so real that I don't stop thinking about them even when I've finished reading the book. I've actually been a bit worried about what is going to happen when Josh's parents get home.

message 7: by Linda

Linda It would be wonderful to think that there may be more stories about the Waverly women. I've read all of Sarah Addison Allen's books so far except 'First Frost,' (which I have ordered) and have found the Waverlys to be most engaging of all her characters.

Denise I love First Frost and hope you revisit the Waverlys again. Please don't kill Evanelle though. Also, I like Brenda's idea about a prequel. Thanks for your wonderful, magical books.

message 9: by Mo

Mo Just finished "First Frost" and loved returning to the magic of the Waverlys.

message 10: by Angela

Angela I love the Waverlys too but I have enjoyed each of your books. They are gems! I do audio books on my commute they all have been so wonderful!

message 11: by Elaine

Elaine Day Neal I love the fact that all the Harry Potter books are on the top shelf in the bookcase behind her.

message 12: by Lorraine (last edited Jun 24, 2015 03:43PM)

Lorraine Elaine wrote: "I love the fact that all the Harry Potter books are on the top shelf in the bookcase behind her."

Wow, Elaine! Great observation! And I agree, that is so cool!

message 13: by Josie

Josie Cook M.A. I want to know Russell's and Anne's story--please!

I think their ending would be a nice follow-up to this novel.
Just my thoughts.....:)

message 14: by Shakya

Shakya Kayne I feel so horrible, but I didn't like First Frost at all. The story telling was all wrong, not like you at you. I didn't know you had been sick, so now I understand the difference in the writing, your heart was sad.

Garden Spells was so special to me and helped me through a difficult time. I love all your books, Lost Lake was wonderful as was The Sugar Queen, but Garden Spells will alway be my favourite. I hope you are on the mend, I will send healing thoughts your way and look forward to your next book.

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