Scene From The Flesh Statue

Author: U.L. Harper
Book: The Flesh Statue

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In this scene from U.L. Harper's novel The Flesh Statue, after a night of vandalism, characters Bert and Infami discuss the reality of making a living by denting cars and doing graffiti.

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Nicole Great scene!
It is strange, how one person sees something is totally different to how someone else sees it. The Bert and Infami shown in this clip are completely different to how I imagined them to be while reading the book. I would be interested to see some clips of other characters to see how different they are....

message 2: by U.L. (last edited Feb 11, 2010 07:18PM)

U.L. Harper It's interesting you would say that. This Bert and Infami weren't what I had pictured either. And the character that plays Infami said that Bert isn't what he thought either. But I didn't direct it, and, well, I'm just happy to have found the actors in the first place. They really liked the script. I don't know if you remember, but what's fun about it is that it's directly from the book. I don't really think they changed anything.

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