How to Combine Editions of Your Book

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As a Goodreads Author, you can combine different editions of your own book. For example, you can combine your paperback edition with your audio and your eBook edition, so that all reviews and ratings show up across all editions.

Do not combine ALL your books into one edition. Only combine editions of the same book.

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message 1: by David

David Magee Closure by David Magee
Jokerman by David Magee
two great thrillers earning five star reviews - real page-turners - both available on Amazon and Kindle
Have a look

message 2: by Betty

Betty Read The Silver Flask/Betty Ruth Read

message 3: by Betty

Betty Read Dance your way to Fame and Fortune in the Roaring 20's. Share the dream with Mark and Annie.

Charlie Gillen Gift or Cross to Bear
What you are about to read is not meant to scare or frighten you,that would make what I have written quite pointless. I am relating to you experiences which have happened throughout my life from childhood to my adult life, which take place in a lot of peoples everyday lives, maybe more extreme in my own personal life.
I hope by reading this book that you can get answers to questions that you were always afraid to ask. I would like to think that it would ask you to question yourself not as a person , but a human being , with all that a human being is, with our insecurities, doubts and, frailties and except them but more so to except your mortal soul which is eternal, strong and never dies which is the most precious Gift from God that we should cherish.

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