Terry Pratchett Interview: 25 Years of Discworld

Author: Terry Pratchett

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Stephy Terry Pratchett has written a series of truly imaginative fantasy books which appeal to everyone from children just moving beyond "Chapter Books" to astrophysicists and Collehe professors.

There is so much for the advanced reader that I find myself reading each book again and again, to catch jokes, puns, dizzying references to cultures of all kinds that I had missed on first reading.

There are book groups which read one book at a time, and gossip, er, discuss what's going on with characters while something else is happening! I belong to just such a group, and it's one of the joys of my life .

No, I don't facebook, or publicize my every thought online much, but if you have yet to discover Sir Terry, you have a grand adventure before you. Read These Books!

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