Author: Viga Boland
Book: Learning to Love Myself: A memoir of healing after child sexual abuse

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After the success of "No Tears for my Father", which won a Gold Medal in the 2014 Readers Favorite Book Awards, author Viga Boland re-visits Bob Cowan of CHCH TV, Hamilton, to discuss her follow-up memoir of self-discovery and recovery after child sexual abuse, LEARNING TO LOVE MYSELF. This book is now available as both a Printed, signed soft cover book and as an eBook for Kindle and all e-readers directly from the author's own website at…more

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message 1: by Rosie

Rosie It is amazing seeing you up there on the telly! Sadly, the automatic closed captions don't work, so I don't really know what is being said (with me being a Deafie), but I would love to read your book. Have you put it for review yet on RF? If yes, please tell me where and I will grab that one next. My experience with incest was my grandfather on my mother's side, and I wrote a book which burned his soul, plus the many others who had done unspeakable things to me in the past. The book series is Karmic Krystal, should you ever wish to read it. It deals with the things I experienced in my life (pre-Steve), and how I would have handled things if I'd had the power to stop them from doing it again.

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