Lockwood & Co trailer

Author: Jonathan Stroud

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Trailer for Lockwood & Co series

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Jonathan Stroud I'm so proud of this trailer for my new series, Lockwood & Co. Be warned though - it is pretty scary! Best wishes, Jonathan

Overbooked  ✎ I only read the first book, the second is on my tbr, I can't wait for the series to continue

message 3: by Iris

Iris I can't wait either. When is the 3rd book coming?

Lidiia Me and my mom fall in love Lockwood & Co! Thank you for this series!

message 5: by Aoi

Aoi Evans Gave me chills!!!

Maggie that part with the girl? sca-ree. I definitely would not want to see some of the scenes that are in the book in a movie/tv show. But the books are AMAZING! I am on the second one now. Can't wait for the third!!!

message 7: by Lily (last edited Sep 24, 2015 01:30PM)

Lily R gkbowood wrote: "Don't let the trailer scare you too much! Truthfully, I don't think I would want to see some of the scenes from the second book in a movie, tv show, etc, but the books are a great read!"

Guess what, they're making a movie about the first book! You can read about it at http://www.movieinsider.com/m10888/lo...

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