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Author: Celeste Ng
Book: Everything I Never Told You

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Jeanie Thank you Celeste and Goodreads for this book!

Maureen Berry Hi Ms. Celeste Ng,
I picked up a copy of your book at my local public library. The first sentenced hooked me! And I love a thriller, anything 1970s, and the mixed-race element. Thanks, I look forward to a good read.

message 3: by Jayne

Jayne This book is perfect. It’s one of the best books of my life. It’s about a teenage girl that dies. What it’s really about is how little we understand others because we process everything through our own filters, priorities, impacts to us etc. This book is truly remarkable.

message 4: by Joyce

Joyce Loved the book, great to get to see you here! I am selfishly happy you are a writer rather than an astronaut. Can't wait for your next book.

message 5: by Nisha

Nisha I loved this book! Thank you! I was up late last night finishing it. :-P

message 6: by C.

C. Furio I just finished reading your novel, which I could not put down. It was very insightful and made me think a lot about family relationships. Thank you for such a good read!

Monicabrou Thanks, Celeste I loved the book !!!

BookemDano Wow. I was drawn in from the first sentence. Great book and thanks.

message 9: by Hai (last edited Jan 01, 2017 09:02PM)

Hai Bo How do you do, Ms Celeste: I am a Chinese woman from Mainland China living in Montreal, already for 17 years. I read your book for the reason that I have been invited to be a guest commentator for a Chinese book-reading club in China ( Shanghai, Chengdu, actually online). It's a great honour to have read your book ( English version) and to be talking about it on the 7th of January, soon this coming Saturday.

I am especially happy that you are this young to be an awarded writer.

I like the strategy and the style of writing: short and direct. I find many unconventional ways of writing in your book, for example: incomplete sentences with full stops. The chopped up sentences match the thinking process of personages. I find it amazing.

I myself try to write, in Chinese and English ( trying in French) on line ( I have my website). I have been writing since 2012, about immigrants, mostly new Chinese immigrants from Mainland China who started to arrive in Montreal Canada after 2000. I envy you of the fact that you had a full house of people working with you for your book, while I find myself very lonely in the thick snow of Montreal lol.

I have a few questions for you ( which the question page doesn't take well):

1. What, do you think, is the reason for Chinese women always writing about family relationships? I noticed that other Chinese writers, mostly women, many write about family relationships. It seems that family haunts them even though they have moved far away... There is one Chinese woman writer in Montreal who wrote about her mother...Yours is different, the mother is an American.

2. About Lydia's blue eyes. According to your account of James' family situation, there is no way that Lydia has blue eyes. At the beginning, I thought the writer might not know, but come on, she is the daughter of two scientist parents, AND at the later part of the novel, the bum boy had hinted it clear that the author knows well. So, what is her plan on this blue eye thing? Is it her hidden strategy? or is it that I missed some important information that can lead to the answer of this mystery?

Thank you, Celeste, for your book and your wonderful writing.

Hai Bo Wang

From Montreal.

message 10: by Ali

Ali Helmi Hi Celeste, I'm currently reading your amazing book, and I want to know how to get a free audio copy of your book. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

message 11: by Jessica

Jessica I wanted to thank you for your amazing book!
I am in a relationship( as a white women with a Chinese man). I found my self relating to these characters and these unique relationships. It made myself question these thoughts I have been having about being a biracial couple. We get so many people who stare at us. What would happen if we had children? could they fit into society? (specially in china where we are currently living) In the end the characters realize that they appreciate and support each others differences. I like to believe this is how life would work. I loved everything about this book and could not put it down.

message 12: by Hiep

Hiep Duong Thanks for your amazing book.

message 13: by Paul

Paul Allee Loved it!

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