The Value of Nothing

Author: Raj Patel
Book: The Value of Nothing: How to Reshape Market Society and Redefine Democracy

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Russell Bravo! A burst of clear light (and a joyful, humorous spirit!) in a rather dismal period of human history. A plan of action for the "Yes We Can" mantra we all heard so much recently.

Makes me feel more hopeful. Just cancelled my plan of trying to move to a more evolved planet :)

message 2: by 1u1iu

1u1iu chiciudean I AM THE TRUTH AND JUSTICE ,no realy i can say that you ar theyr king you ar great and you war beautyfall you war like whater intil that day you know what day . so beasnes you will hawe power on the earth it is God"s will i am not aloved to do things to you if you ar not near my . i can move the sun the moon the stars upon the sky by the power i whas invested power of faith ,belive and achyeve . so your plan is they ar starving and you come whyth the solution and they falow you after some of them die to make it more real you whant world union by the law of one one language one king one law your law and after you acheve union religion at least thos who ar not whyth God go whyth you acourse i will submith to God not to you and so comes war . and people dont by foold as long death reamains you will alweys by weked and in sufering he does not hawe the power of imortaliti to give you only God can give you imortality repend and hope is not lost .an realy do you truli whys to win thys war whyth the low society thouse who love to tell lyes the ugly mentali carnal you will all pay whyth your death and prison in hell.

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