GIANT TALES Dangerous Days (Book 4 - Ch. 1)

Author: Connie Flanagan
Book: Giant Tales Dangerous Days

Published on Jul 18, 2014 by HeatherMarie Shuldt

Chapter 1: Global Warming (13 stories include: "The Blessing Way" by Joyce Shaughnessy, "Flying Liberty" by Tom Russell, "In Other Hands" by Andy McKell, "Alpha Lampus" by Todd Folstad, "Taking Liberties" by Randall Lemon, "A Very Unusual Day" by Sylvia Stein, "West of Lucky" by Arlene Lagos, "St. John's Lily" by Mike Boggia, "World Net Utopia" by Glenda Reynolds, "What? When? Where?" by J.R. O'Neill, "Midnight Surprise" by H.M. Schuldt, "House On …more


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