Janny Wurts Interview (Part 1 of 10) - Breaking out of boxes

Author: Janny Wurts

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This is part one of an interview conducted by Edward A Schatz as part of his Legacy Series. The series is described by Mr Schatz as "These will serve to teach, inform, open discussion topics, debates, and for architects and artists to view their peers and professionals and see what they are doing and thinking in their own words."

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Stephen Richards Love the tabby cat.

Stephen Richards

message 2: by Janny

Janny Stephen wrote: "Love the tabby cat.

Stephen Richards"

The tabby cat is Magic, a marble bengal cross who came to me as a rescue from the vet. She had herpes damage as a kitten, and lost an eye, with a scar on the remaining one that left her vision impaired. The vet did not give her past ten years, due to damage from the disease in her early life. She was a happy 13 when she hammed it for the camera here, and passed at age 16. Her full brother Moonshadow is shown in the author picture above, also down one eye from the same infection. He passed at 17. Both little miracles. I have now adopted two more marble bengals from a rescue shelter, Talisman and Ceilidh. I adore the breed, (domestic cats crossed with the Asian wildcat) they are extremely social as you can see by Magic's antics.

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