Selena's guide to enjoying the Twilight-read-along

Group: Twilight Read-along!

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 ♥♥Mari♥♥ LOVE your video!!! It's funny, and you sound so excited and enthusiastic!! I also LOVE all the lights around your bed! This reminds me of Bella's bed in the movies.

I'm SO happy that the people at Book Tube are not judgmental about anyone reading the Twilight books. I am totally sick & tired of people criticizing Twilight and Twi-hards. This is what we love, and so what? Go rain on somebody else's parade. WE LOVE TWILIGHT 4-EVAH, and there's NO way anybody's going to convince us to hate it!!! SO THERE.

Thanks for the fun, and funny, video!! : )

Selena Mod
you are so sweet thank you! and I totally agree.
people hate things just to hate them. also because they're popular people feel the need to be different so they degrade it to make themselves feel important.

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