Flash Boys - A Wall Street Revolt - Discussion on the HBC begins 1/12/15 ends 2/16/15

Group: The History Book Club

Charlie Rose with Michael Lewis http://www.charlierose.com
Michael Lewis discusses his latest book: "Flash Boys - A Wall Street Revolt" with Charlie Rose. Air Date 01/04/2014…more

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Bentley Mod
Let us know how you like this video - The History Book Club will begin a one month discussion of the book on 1/12/15 ending on 2/16/15.

This is our first one month discussion. This is a short book, leading edge, focus - finance and Wall Street, and thought provoking.

Kressel Housman Yay! This one's already on my to-read list. The hard part will be holding myself back till January.

Bentley Mod
I know Kressel but there are so many good books before then (smile).

I think this will be a change of pace. And we read it in a month. So this one will be fast paced.

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