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“That’s also the fun of writing. You can think all day long for a zinger and it looks on the page as if it’s spontaneous.”

Patricia Gaffney is a New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of twelve historical romances and five contemporary women’s fiction titles. Her life changed course in 1984 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. In January 2012, she will celebrate her 28th anniversary as a cancer survivor.

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message 1: by Lily

Lily I really like this author,I have read the "Saving Graces" several times for mastering my Engliah, for pleasure, for finding a better solution of my personal problems, for oblivion - seeing that people in USA might also have some quite trivial problems as we have here in Eastern Europe. One of my friends has been diagnosed breast cancer and did not want to be operated at first, then later after operation refused to do chemo, etc. That was the time a read about Isabell from the book... And yes I believe one can really tell a story from the 'Saving graces'- four women's point of view. A really inspirational novel. Hope to find and read other stories

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