Marina Chapman, The Girl With No Name

Author: Marina Chapman

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“I’ve been very lucky to be alive today,” says Marina Chapman, who was abandoned in the Colombian jungle at the age of five and survived by befriending a group of capuchin monkeys.

It’s a story that’s stranger than fiction and, here, Marina tells in her own words how she survived; how she transitioned back to the human world; and what she learned through this truly extraordinary experience.

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message 1: by Altaa

Altaa Lkhagvasuren Dear Marina,
I was lucky to read your book The girl with no name. It is a fascinating work and it seems like your book opened a new world to me.
In the end of the book I read your statement about continuing the story. Have you written the book 2, yet? I'd love to read it and if it is possible i'd love to translate it into Mongolian and share with other Mongolians. Your book is also an educating one for our young generation, especially in harmony between human and wildlife.
Thank you again for writing such a good book. I wish you the best in life.

Alta (FB: Altaa Lkhagvasuren)

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