Meet Alison Lurie

Author: Alison Lurie

“I like writing stories—it’s a pleasure for me, and it seemed very unlikely that I would ever win a Pulitzer,” says bestselling author Alison Lurie. “I was lucky in that it wasn’t so much the recognition . . . as the fun of it all.”

Beginning with Love and Friendship (1962), Lurie has published ten novels, including The War Between the Tates (1974), The Last Resort (1998), and the Pulitzer Prize—winning Foreign Affairs (1984). In addition to her novels, Lurie’s interest in children’s literature h…more

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Victoria Dear Alison,
I have read most of your wonderful books and wish I could let you know how much these mean to me. I am particular to Foreign Affairs, which I visit (read) once a year.... I wish I could send you a letter, but it seems I cannot find a contact to send it to. So I hope this reaches you. With love, Victoria

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