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Author: Maggie Anton
Book: Enchantress

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Fantastic tales of demons and the Evil Eye, magical incantations, and powerful attractions abound in Enchantress, a novel that weaves together Talmudic lore, ancient Jewish magic, and a timeless love story set in fourth-century Babylonia.

One of the most powerful practitioner of these mysterious arts is Rav Hisda’s daughter, whose innate awareness allows her to possess the skills men lack. With her husband, Rava--whose arcane knowledge of the secret Torah enables him to create a “man” out of ea…more

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message 1: by Amos

Amos Vos Shalom Aleichem to Maggie Anton

I Must say there are a lot of scholarly works out there that deal with magic in/and Judaism. Its not so that there is a general taboo (in the Jewish world) on the subject.

Just some examples:

-Ancient Jewish Magic by Gideon Bohak
-Jewish Magic and Superstition: A Study in Folk Religion by Joshua Trachtenberg
-Jewish Mysticism and Magic: An Anthropological Perspective by Maureen Bloom
-Studies On Astral Magic In Medieval Jewish Thought (Brill Reference Library of Judaism) by Dov Schwartz
-Golem: Jewish Magical And Mystical Traditions On The Artificial Anthropoid by Moshe Idel
-A Corpus of Magic Bowls: Incantation Texts in Jewish Aramaic from Late Antiquity by Dan Levene
-Jews and Magic in Medici Florence: The Secret World of Benedetto Blanis by Edward L. Goldberg
-Magic in the Roman World: Pagans, Jews and Christians by Naomi Janowitz

Articles as:

-Stone, Suzanne Last (2005) "Rabbinic Legal Magic: A New Look at Honi's Circle As the Construction of Law's Space," Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities: Vol. 17: Iss. 1, Article 6

-Michael D. Swartz: “Like the Ministering Angels”: Ritual and Purity in Early Jewish Mysticism and
AJS Review 19:2 (1994), pp. 135-167

-Joseph L. Angel: -The Use of the Hebrew Bible in Early Jewish Magic
Religion Compass 3/5 (2009), pp. 785-799

-Joshua Levinson: Enchanting Rabbis: Contest Narratives between Rabbis and Magicians in Late Antiquity
Jewish Quarterly Review, Volume 100:1 (Winter 2010), pp. 54-94

-Moshe Idel: Jewish Magic from the Renaissance Period to Early Hasidism
In 'Religion, Science, and Magic', Edited by Jacob Neusner, Ernest S. Frerichs, and Paul VM Flesher

also various articles of Elliot R. Wolfson deal with the subject

Maggie Anton Thanks Amos. Yes, there has been a huge upsurge in scholarly interest in Jewish magic recently, I could never have written Apprentice: A Novel of Love, the Talmud, and Sorcery or Enchantress: A Novel of Rav Hisda's Daughter without the work of all these modern scholars.

But other than Trachtenberg's 1939 Jewish Magic and Superstition: A Study in Folk Religion, nearly every other source was written in the last 25 years. And I've been told that no yeshiva studies any of the many sugiyot that mention demons.

You might want to check out the bibliography on my website for the sources I did use.

message 3: by Amos

Amos Vos Yes Maggie

I have just seen your Bibliography. Impresive I must say.

You mean Ashkenaze yeshiva!?
Check out this Rabbi, Rav Ariel bar Tzadok
He was trained in Jerusalem Sephardi yeshivot.
This book of his is highly interesting:

Keep up the good work!


message 4: by Laura

Laura Parenteau Looking forward to reading!

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