The Laws of Kings

Author: Jennifer Loren
Book: The Laws of Kings

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Dace is one of four brothers of the Colletto crime family. His father has been running the family without issue for decades, but now someone is out to prove that the old man's time to retire has come. Dace's older brother, Michael, is far from interested in taking over. However, Ettore, the second oldest is primed and ready to seize command. Dace is forced to choose between his vivacious brother, Michael, and the malicious Ettore. No matter his choice, his prime interest is protecting his little…more

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Avephoenix "Refreshingly different, intriguing and involving, simultaneously sinister and playful, entertaining and beautifully well written. It's not quite the typical novel that shows brotherly love and unity within all the main character, something always expected to be found in this type of stories!" Truly audacious. You're Amazing Jennifer Loren! Please, I need the next book in the series ASAP!

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