Greatest Show On Earth

Author: Richard Dawkins
Book: The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution

In a brilliant follow-up to his blockbuster <i>The God Delusion</i>, Dawkins lays out the evidence for evolution.

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message 1: by Ilze

Ilze At least someone's prepared to challenge the man: Read Richard Dawkins' God Delusion

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quote from the book: "Are human beings, as the peak of nature, sovereign owners and masters of their lives and their world? That is the stance taken by Richard Dawkins..."

No, it isn't. Now, why would I want to read a "refutation" written by someone who evidently lacks even a basic grasp of Dawkins' work?

Richard Ashley Brilliant books, all of them! If only people could apply their minds and use critical thinking, humankind would advance in leaps and bounds and leave behind the menticide of indoctrination and brainwashing forced on them at a very young age.

message 4: by Jaime (last edited Sep 05, 2015 04:15PM)

Jaime Rozo Evidence all around is what we see about evolution. Who or where is said that any living creature looks the same as when they were created? The evolutionary theorists need to pacificate their thoughts against religion as well as the religous people need to do against evolution. God's creation is constantly evolving since the begining...(!?) Evolucionists not admiting a begining is just admiting eternity or infinity, the time-space critical for religion people and evolucionists themselves. Religious people need to understand once for all that creation is dynamic an not static, this is evolution. Evolucionists do not admit a begining but there is always a begining - can you see? Each time a seed sprout, this is a begining... each time a seed is produced by its sprouted parent, this is a begining.. A begining of the eternal beginings was created? A bunch of molecules can just evolve trough eons an come to be a human being? Evidences of evolution exists, but tell me about the evidences of the begining, if you negate it, prove it. Either way, if you do not belive in evolution, prove it.

Afrooz hello . I like read your book . but i can not .would you please guide me how i can access to my favourite books .

Shahriar  Karim  Fahad Afrooz wrote: "hello . I like read your book . but i can not .would you please guide me how i can access to my favourite books ."

Now, in 2022 you can simply download Dawkins's evey book's free pdf, if you ment these books by using the term "favorite books".
Unfortunately, his books are primarily written in English, so you will need to develop proficiency in English first.

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