Lara's Last Journey

Author: Mya Larose

Lara's Last Journey (One More Time,#2)…more

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Mya Larose There were some loves that were too strong to derail or escape from. Being a passionate, independent woman was something to be proud of… unless you were alone at night and your dreams were haunted.
Lara Dunups always felt like she was born in the wrong era. Her dreams were constantly haunted by the same man from the past. During a short drive, she felt dizzy and slipped into darkness, only to wake up in a bedroom in the year 1521.
Pasha Suleyman was the third son of the sultan of the Ottoman Empire. A man devoted to serve and protect his father, Sultan Hasan I. His heart secretly yearned for the woman who monopolized his dreams over and over until one evening he had closed his eyes and made a wish.
Could a woman from the future make it in this new found era? And could Suleyman protect his beloved from his foe? Be careful what you wished for…

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