Video Trailer for THE GOOD GIRL

Author: Mary Kubica
Book: The Good Girl

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Iris P Looking forward to reading this one...

Labiad in fact the good girl is not honest title I think because a good girl is and advanced judge should not given a good interesting from the public readers, it very crucial to tell the editor that a title like she made for her book is need to review or change, it of course with full respecting of this editor how she chose this title and in which way she referred to citing it. as one of good readers so far not read this book too much only read some pages of it, we have a fully confidence that our sister mary kubica which is awarded a bachelor of art degree will be very enthusiasm with our observation on her book. mohamed ali labiad.

Catherine Thorpe This video gave me goosebumps. It makes even more of an impact once you’ve read the book.

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i really want to read this book!!!!!!1

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