A Long and Difficult Journey, or The Odyssey: Crash Course Literature 201

Author: Homer
Book: The Odyssey

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In which John Green teaches you about Homer's Odyssey. If it was Homer's If Homer was even real. Anyway, that stuff doesn't really matter. John teaches you the classic, by which I mean classical, epic poem, the Odyssey. The Journey of Odysseus as he made his way home after the conclusion of the Trojan War is the stuff of legend. Literally. John will teach you about the double standard in Greek culture, Odysseus as jerk/hero, ancient PTSD, and cycles of violence. Also, there are no yogurt jokes. …more

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NoQuality seriously?

Gracelyn dude............ this sucks.. anyone want my instagram? its gracee.kelley -- dm me if your from this website :)

message 3: by Qing

Qing  This video wildly misunderstands the point of the poem and to focus on it on a feministic point of view relegates it to a purely surface level understanding and only allows us the study the culture of, circa, 800 BCE Greece (rather than 1200 BCE Greece) from a surface level and one which, baked into the Hegelian dialectical idea of looking backwards and shaming, forbids us to sympathise with those fellow of our race.
John Greene's word on the Odyssey means as much as my own on the nature of God, no one should listen to this man.
Read Rieu's summary instead (either the junior or senior)

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