S&L Author Spotlight - N.K. Jemisin

Group: The Sword and Laser

N. K. Jemisin writes fiction that reads like history in the best way. But could it also be romance? We ask N. K. Jemisin that and how she's able to keep a day job and still write amazing fiction. We also find out what trope she'd like to give a rest. It's our season finale and we couldn't think of a better person to help us wrap things up in style!…more

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message 1: by Jo

Jo I am watching this after submitting my Sept. book for the VF poll. I put forth the 1st Bobby Dollar book for my pick. Male centered romance is fine as long as there is romance. I used to read Westerns and I would also consider many of those romance, but I think several of the men I know who read them would NOT.

message 2: by John

John LeViness Great interview. Makes we want to read her books even more than those awesome covers.

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