Tierra del Oro - Book 9 - TESORO

Author: R.L.B. Hartmann

Sinaloa, 1915 - 1920. Half brothers who fought as children find themselves in love with the same girls. Tereza, daughter of don Diego, and Christine from Kentucky complicate life at Los Nuestros. Domingo and Sereno discover their true destinies, along with unsuspected treasures. What began as Trouble`s quest for love and freedom becomes the legacy for his descendants, and readers are brought full circle in the final volume of the Cordero Saga. One story, one family, one continuing adventure!…more

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message 1: by RLB (last edited Feb 07, 2018 11:26AM)

RLB Hartmann My videos that were posted here are offline until further notice because they listed my website as a place with links to buy my novels. Once Create Space cut out the eStore, those links redirect to Amazon, which is where one now goes to start, continue, or complete a collection of my paperbacks.

If I decide to recreate my website I'll make a blog post here and/or announce the move on Facebook, and at that time will post new book videos on You Tube.

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