Sue Monk Kidd's Trick To Overcome Writer's Block

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Best Selling Author, Sue Monk Kidd tells Oprah how she overcomes writer's block. …more

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message 1: by Jenny

Jenny Orelle I love this. And great advice if you agree that our thoughts and intentions shape reality. Walks are always good. I started tapping after seeing "The Tapping Solution" and it's an amazing way of releasing stress or tension that may be blocking flow. It works for weight-loss, sugar cravings, anxiety and procrastination and could be great for a lot of creative people. At first I thought it might affirm the very thing I want to release, but you start from where you are. I'm a walking affirmation since reading Louise Hay's "I Can Do It" so I throw in affirmations. It reminds me a little bit of Abraham Hicks process of reaching for a better thought. You aim for sense of relief and miracles happen.

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