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Learn more about Hanns and Rudolf at Harding talks about how he discovered his own family's connection, and came to write about, the hunt for the Kommendant of Auschwitz—the subject of his new biography: HANNS AND RUDOLF.…more

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Bentley Mod
Please let me know if you liked this video.

message 2: by Liza

Liza Lugo What a fascinating clip - even more so that there is a familial relationship! I'm sharing this on Fb. I have to read this book.

Bentley Mod
Yes, it really is. Your name is in the hat (smile)

Thank you for posting you liked the video - nice to hear what folk's think of each video.



message 4: by Linda

Linda Really enjoyed the video makes me really interested to read the book true history is always fascinating.

Bentley Mod
It is Linda and thank you for posting your thoughts on the video.

message 6: by Harry (last edited Apr 13, 2014 12:05PM)

Harry Very enticing, the book is now at the top of my to read list.

Bentley Mod
Great Harry, thank you for popping in.

message 8: by Rebecca (last edited Apr 15, 2014 05:11AM)

Rebecca I enjoyed the clip very much. What a connection Thomas Harding has with this story. How wonderful that was given access to both men's letters. I can't wait!

message 9: by Mark

Mark Nice intro. I think it is great to hear from the author before reading the book so you can put his opening perspecitive in the back of your mind as you digest the story.

message 10: by Vincent

Vincent Interesting little video. Interesting that he felt the story was worthy of a book and that he would do it. The speaker seems to have a British accent but his uncle I am assuming was German. (Of course many Europeans work on their English in England and have such accents) - I am curious however how he will present the story. And as I think of it I am curious how easy it might have been for the commandant to slip into another life in Germany assuming he stayed there.

message 11: by Bentley

Bentley Mod
This should be an interesting discussion, thanks for posting Vince and liking the video.

message 12: by Bentley

Bentley Mod
Thank you Mark and Rebecca for your posts. Glad you liked the clip - I agree Mark.

message 13: by Bentley

Bentley Mod
All, I am delighted to tell you that Thomas Harding will actually be joining us for this book's discussion starting May 12th so make sure you all join in.

Hanns and Rudolf The True Story of the German Jew Who Tracked Down and Caught the Kommandant of Auschwitz by Thomas Harding by Thomas Harding Thomas Harding

message 14: by Sandra

Sandra Heinzman I hope we have our books before then! How far should we have read by May 12?

message 15: by James

James Bentley wrote: "All, I am delighted to tell you that Thomas Harding will actually be joining us for this book's discussion starting May 12th so make sure you all join in.

[bookcover:Hanns and Rudolf: The True Sto..."

Excellent. I already have several questions to ask him.

message 16: by Kristen

Kristen Excellent preview....I'm starting the book tomorrow and look forward to the interactive discussions. It's fantastic that Mr. Harding is available for Q&A!

message 17: by Nita

Nita What time does the book discussion of Hanns and Rudolf start? This is a wonderful book. What do I need to do to get in on the discussion?

Thank you very much.

message 18: by Nita

Nita Where can I get a copy of the syllabus and schedule of discussions? I want to be a very active participant in the discussion of Hanns and Rudolf. This promises to be a great book.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

message 19: by Linda

Linda Fantastic video, sorry was concentrating on the book.

message 20: by Joella

Joella Great video! Thanks for sharing it. I like how just hearing one small detail led him down a path to research and write this book. I am very excited about it!!

message 21: by Nita

Nita Great video introduction. Thank you. I am very excited about this book.

message 22: by Bentley

Bentley Mod
Liza, Vince, Nita, Linda, Kristen, and Joella - glad you liked it. The book was tremendous.

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