Murder at Longbourn

Author: Tracy Kiely
Book: Murder at Longbourn

Elizabeth Parker, Jane Austen aficionado, is making a New Year's resolution. She is determined to remove all "unhealthy" factors from her life: foods and sugars without nutritional value are a good start. And what about her worthless lover? It seems that Elizabeth needs to tear away from the predicament of life, so in an effort to effectively carry out this resolution, Elizabeth has decided to spend the New Year holiday at her Aunt Winnie's Cape Cod bed and breakfast. The situation proves an exc…more

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message 1: by Noe (last edited Aug 22, 2013 07:06AM)

Noe Actually, I did NOT like this video, but the question was "Did you like this video?" with *vote* beside it, which normally means you are able to say yes or no. Instead it took my vote as a yes.
The guy is too slow, seems like he's acting, and after watching a little more than half the video, I just stopped and voted.
This video would not have encouraged me to read the book, because if the book is the same as he was, I would not try reading it -- which I haven't yet, by the way. I'm interested though, which is why I looked at the video in the first place.

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