Jeffrey Deaver: Roadside Crosses

Author: Jeffery Deaver
Book: Roadside Crosses

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Jeffrey Deaver discusses the latest Kathryn Dance thriller.

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message 1: by ED (last edited Jul 19, 2017 04:03PM)

ED I'm in the process of reading Roadside Crosses and I find it fascinating! I'm taking a detour to comment at this early stage because I just read one of Boling's (computer expert fictional character) comments on the nature of blogs to Kathryn that I find disturbing. Boling's comment has to do with 911 where he dismisses people who question the official story on what really happened that day. The fact is that no one really knows and the official 911 Commission Report is an insult to the intelligence of the average American. I recognize this is a fiction novel, but I would have thought that the author would have taken a much more responsible stance on this extremely important topic (which has literally changed America and the world) and not just relegate those who think for themselves as out of touch 'conspiracy theorists' via one of his characters. As much as I love and respect his awesome talent as an author, he has apparently joined the chorus of deceivers by inocuously inserting such a dismissal of those Americans demanding answers to what really occurred on America's darkest day. I'm returning to the novel now hoping I'm wrong.

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