Elizabeth Scott: Living Dead Girl

Author: Elizabeth Scott
Book: Living Dead Girl

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Elizabeth Scott tells the story of Alice, a girl who was taken from her family and is waiting for her nightmare to end.

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Kaylee Coming from a 15 year old Christian girl, who read this book at home, all alone (in one day :)), this book is incredibly intense. It totally rocked my world, and after I had finished reading it, honestly, I didn't really know what to do with myself. As for if this book is appropriate for teens, I think that it is impossible to answer that question. While many teens may not be mature enough for this book, many teens are. So for parents who don't know whether or not to let your child read it, I suggest that you read it first, then decide. If your child is fragile and has not been exposed to this type of stuff before, I suggest that you either heavily prepare them for it, or wait until they are older/ more mature. Anyway, this is now one of my favorite books, and I am going to be sure to tell all of my friends about it. Thanks you so much Elizabeth Scott for creating this incredible story that I will never forget, and will probably cry about for all of eternity. You're truly an inspiration :).

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