Oscar Hijuelos' Dark Dude

Author: Oscar Hijuelos
Book: Dark Dude

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Pulitzer Prize winner Hijuelos takes us on an unforgettable journey about identity, mistaken identity, and all that we take with us when we run away.

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Gabriela This video definitely has made me want to read this book. As a latina I can identify even though my story isn't as intense. I'm puerto rican but I hardly look the part and when I went to study in Washington,DC people wouldn't believe me when I told them my nationality. They'd do stupid things like ask me my full name or ask me to talk in Spanish. I also realized that most americans don't know anything about Puerto Rico. I had to endure comparisons to the puerto ricans living in New York, which I call Nuyoricans. My roommate was a little bit scared of me because she was from New York. No one knew where to place me because I was different than all the "puerto ricans" they had ever met. But during those times was when I felt the most puerto rican because I felt it was my responsibility to educate these people. Most of us puerto ricans are of spanish descent making them look white. Some people I met said that they thought we were all darker, one actually believed me when I said that I came in a canoe. He deserved it, he had asked me how I had gotten there. Plane, duh! Anyways, no matter where I go I have questions regarding my identity. I know I am puerto rican, but what does that even mean?

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