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Author: Jim Loehr
Book: The Power of Story : Rewrite Your Destiny in Business and in Life

Dr. Jim Loehr describes how we can transform our lives by changing the stories we tell about ourselves

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message 1: by Zsolt

Zsolt (copy of an email between two people trying to do the writing exercises.)

Greetings Valentina,

First my gratitude to your note this morning. The fact that you keep me posted over your progress means more to me than you may think.
Well, actually imagine this: you found a book (The Power of Story) that impressed you a great deal and you want to do the exercises put forth in it but for years you cannot seem to get anyone to do it with you.
There are plenty of promises but nobody ever follows through with it. You do the work on your own but it is not the same as do it with someone.

Then seven years later a stranger makes you a promise to do it. So you set your writing in motion but progress is time consuming. This is a soul writing, something that requires deep self-reflection.
You do your part but you wonder if the stranger will keep up with the writing also? After all, there have been so many empty promises before.
This time however, this stranger is keeping you informed about the progress. This is promising!

Yesterday I took a much needed walk and I was listening to my audio recording in which I was reading my first draft. The goal was to hear my soul. Not some production of my mind, but my soul.
Guess what: I have heard it! Therefore I feel comfortable with my writing and today I work on condensing it to 500 (-) words, that is to cut down to half of its present length.

Then I’ll record it again and by tomorrow I shall send you both the writing and the audio version.
Till then,

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