McGowan: Expected One

Author: Kathleen McGowan
Book: The Expected One

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message 1: by Joan

Joan Gordon For those who were mindful enough to give this book a positive review, I also felt that it was an amazing read, and am quite surprised by the negative reactions. Possibly I'm gullible, but I found this book nothing short of a page-turner and an eye opener. I am religious/spiritual and am now, thanks to this book, on a new quest to seek out as much information as possible about this enchanting woman we have come to know as Mary Magdalene. Being raised Catholic, I often wondered why Jesus was never married, considering doing so was not only customary in his culture but almost mandated. Being a woman, I can only imagine what it would have been like to be the companion of such a kind, lovely, sincere and intellectually giving man – it would be the ultimate honor. We can’t even understand the pain and suffering Mary would have experienced seeing her beloved crucified right in front of her eyes. I hope that anyone who gives this book a chance will take that image to heart and mind and appreciate the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us. In the end, I can certainly draw my own conclusions, regardless of the negative remarks, but I feel that Kathleen McGowan has an enormous amount of talent for writing, storytelling and had the tenacity to see this project through to the end. This book was not written overnight and took her years of research, not to mention the personal experiences that would cause most of us to give up. It is unfortunate that so many have such a clouded viewpoint and opinion of something that could possibly be miraculous.

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